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Campamento para chicas Woodlands Camp – Irlanda
  • Wingfield House, Kilcroney, Kilmacanoge,
  • A98 FK10 – Co. Wicklow, Irlanda (Extranjero)
Precio desde: 1900 €
  • Ingles

Promoción pronto pago ( 30 marzo)

2 semanas 1800€

4 Semanas 3100€

a.- Dos semanas01/07/201715/07/2017de 8 a 14 años1900 €
b.- Cuatro semanas01/07/201729/07/2017de 8 a 14 años3454 €

Ubicación: Wingfield House, Kilcroney, Kilmacanoge, Co. Wicklow, Irlanda

Edades: chicas entre los 8-10 años y entre los 11- 14 años

Fechas: del 1 de Julio al 29 de Julio (opción de 2 o 4 semanas)


*No incluido el seguro de salud (los estudiantes europeos pueden disponer del formulario E111) €50.00 ni el billete de avión

OAK International es una organizacion catolica con mas de 40 años de experiencia que ofrece formacion integral para tus hijos en sus centros educativos de Estados Unidos, Irlanda y Suiza.


Los campamentos de verano OAK están diseñador de manera equilibrada combinando idiomas, cultura, deporte y actividades ludicas en un ambiente sano y seguro para tus hijos




Woodlands Academy is located in County Wicklow, a land rich with Irish culture, with wonderful gardens and forests. The Academy is located 35 minutes southeast of Dublin, at the bottom of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Opened in 1973, Woodlands was Oak International’s first academy for girls. It accommodates up to 130 students.


SCHEDULES 1-29 July 2017
08:30 Wake Up 08:30Wake Up
09:15Breakfast/Room Cleaning 09:15Breakfast/Room Cleaning
09:45English Class 09:45English Class
11:15Preparation 11:15Preparation
11:25Mass (Tues, Thurs) 11:25Mass
12:00Break 12:00 Break
12:30English Class 12:30English Class
14:00Lunch 14:00Lunch
15:00Preparation 15:00Preparation
15:15Clinics 15:15 Departure
17:30Showers/Free Time ** OUTING **
18:30Dinner 18:30Dinner
19:15Phone Calls/Free Time 19:00Phone Calls/Free Time
20:00Night Activity 20:00Night Activity
21:30Preparation 21:30 Preparation
22:00Lights Out 22:00Lights Out


08:30Wake Up 09:00Wake Up
09:15Breakfast/Room Cleaning 09:45Breakfast
10:15Mass 10:15Room Cleaning
11:00Departure 10:45 Mass
OUTING & PICNIC LUNCH 11:30Preparation
18:30 Arrival 12:00Departure
19:00Dinner OUTING & PICNIC LUNCH (Dinner in a Restaurant)
20:00Movie Night 20:00Arrival/Free Time
21:30Preparation 21:30Preparation
22:00Lights Out 22:00Lights Out



Woodlands Academy provides the most up to date facilities for our students:

Purpose built Sports complex including custom built gymnasium, ballet and aerobic studios, which are complete with surround sound and sprung flooring to prevent injury while dancing.

Basketball, Tennis and Futsal Courts

Refurbished Locker Rooms for all our students



All bathrooms at Woodlands have been refurbished in the last three years, to the highest specifications. High quality materials were used in creating state of the art bathroom and shower facilities for the students. These are finished to a very high standard, including top of the range marble counter tops.



All dormitories have been installed with new beds in 2014, complete with new bedding and accessories


Large Dining Room

Newly decorated Dining Room with a capacity of 140 persons. This project was completed in 2015, which includes new panelling on all walls, new tables and chairs, curtains and blinds. Projector screens with surround sound are in place.


NEW Nurse Station

New nurse facility installed in 2015, fully equipped with examination table and the most up to date medical equipment on site for the girls.


NEW Gymnasium

New gymnasium complete with treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bicycles.



Projectors and Apple Televisions are fitted in all classrooms, as well as iPad Docking stations for the students.


All of the fees are inclusive of:


-Full-board (3 meals per day and evening snack)

-Transport to and from excursions and activities. Including airport transfers.

-English tuition.

-Academic materials.

-Afternoon and evening activities program.

-Completion certificate

-All excursions, including entrance fees.


--24 hours supervision.Camp t-shirt.

-Sports equipment.


Price does not include:

-Health insurance (European students can avail of the E111 form) €50.00

-Flight ticket: Not provided by the Camp


Our website plays an important part in communication with parents. There is lots of useful information on this site in general, including information on our campus, our mission, staff information etc. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the ‘PARENTS’ section of the website.

This section is for student’s parents only and is not for public viewing. As this is personal information and for the protection of your child’s privacy, you will need passwords to enter this site. This information is sent to you in a welcome package before arrival, by email.

Please see our Facebook page, Woodlands Academy, where there are lots of photos/videos and news uploaded daily, which is always reassuring for parents when their daughter is away from home.Concerning the communication with the different departments in our school, full details will be sent in the welcome package.



In order to have a more efficient laundry service, while your daughter is here, each student’s clothes is marked with a laundry number. This information is sent to you as part of the welcome package you receive before arrival. Please mark all of your daughter’s clothes with this laundry number and bring extra labels for any clothes which may be bought on shopping outings in Dublin while she is here. Woodlands Academy will provide a summer camp T-shirt on arrival.



For phone calls at Woodlands, your daughter will be given an Irish mobile phone to use, which she will have access at scheduled times for phone calls during the week.
This mobile phone number and designated days and times each week for phone calls, will be communicated directly to parents by email before arrival to the summer camp.
Your daughter will also have time for Internet/Emails each week. The exact times will be given to her on arrival and sent to you by email.



Throughout the Summer Camp, your daughter will have a Personal Account where you can lodge money before her arrival, to cover her personal expenses, such as purchases from our school shop, pocket money for outings etc. Pocket money is given to your daughter twice a week. If more money is required at any point, this can be requested by sending an email to our Personal Accounts department.

Using the personal account ensures money is kept safe at all times. Students are not permitted to have large sums of cash at camp, it must be lodged to the Personal Account.
The recommended amount of money to be lodged to the Personal Account is €250 for the 4 week camp and €125 for the 2 week camp.



Any specific medical requests should be sent in writing on application. Should your daughter need to be taken to see the Academy Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist throughout her stay, these visits will be charged directly to her personal account.


In brief, Woodlands Camp offers:

-15 hours of English classes per week.

-2 Excursions per week

-A variety of fun sports: Sailing, Tennis, Zumba, Futsal, Horse-riding, Golf, Basketball.

-Performing arts: Drama, Irish dancing, Arts and crafts.

-Evening fun activities: Talent Shows, Dance Contest, Bonfire Nights, Treasure Hunts, the Woodlands Olympics, Movie Nights and much more.

-Personal formation in different areas: Order, personal presentation, etiquette, respect for others and companionship.

-24 hour supervision throughout the camp.


The summer camp takes place over a four-week period in July. Throughout each week the students will be based in the beautiful Woodlands Academy in the East of Ireland. They will attend classes on the picturesque campus, where they will have English classes in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Staying near the centre of Dublin City, our campers have easy access to all the exciting attractions of Dublin City and surrounding areas where they will visit many places over the four weeks, not to mention Wicklow’s beautiful places of interest.

Several evenings will be spent enjoying the music, dance and general fun or ‘craic’ which is such a prominent part of Irish life.

Woodlands Academy offers it’s summer camp to students who want to experience Ireland itself; by hiking it’s countryside, exploring it’s cities and enjoying the rich history and celebrated literature, while also learning English. What more could you ask for!



Woodlands Summer Camp have a dedicated ‘Arts Week’, when a wide range of workshops are offered including singing, dancing, music and drama workshops, not to mention arts and crafts, oil painting and zumba groups that are enjoyed by all. Campers thoroughly enjoy the variety that is provided at Woodlands, exploring different areas where they may have not had an opportunity to before.



During the Woodlands Summer camp, our students have the chance to participate in all of the following: Sailing, Irish Dancing, Horse Riding, Basketball, Futsal, Golf and Tennis. From experience, these are the sports that are firm favourites amongst our campers. Each of the activities is carried out in a safe environment with fully qualified instructors taking each group. Students get to try out all of these sports over the 4 weeks which is a fantastic opportunity as the camp is not focussed on one or two sports, but a variety of same.



Students travel on an outing outside of the Academy once during the week and also on Saturday and Sundays. This is a wonderful opportunity for our campers as they get to see many local places and of course Dublin city and surrounding areas. These outings offer our campers the opportunity to get to know various places of interest over the four weeks. The outings range from adventure outings, also known as ‘extreme’ outings, involving outdoor challenges, to sightseeing around Dublin, as well as travelling to see historical sites, world famous castles, gardens, museums etc. Not to forget the obligatory shopping experience in nearby Dundrum Town Centre, one of the largest shopping malls in Europe!



Actividades en el Campamento Culturales, Deportivas, Recreativas
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