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Campamento para chicas Le Châtelard – Suiza
  • Le Châtelard, Route des Narcisses 80
  • 1833 – Montreux, Suiza (Extranjero)
Precio desde: 6900CHF €
  • Frances
  • Ingles

Moo Camp: Pronto pago (30 marzo): 5865CHF

Swiss Camp: Pronto pago (30 marzo): 6750 CHF

Moo Camp01/07/201726/07/2017de 10 a 12 años6900 €
Swiss Camp01/07/201726/07/2017de 13 a 15 años7900 €

Ubicación: Le Châtelard, Route des Narcisses 80, Montreux, Suiza


Dates: Llegada: 1 de Julio; Salida: 26 de Julio


SWISS CAMP: Edades 13 to 15; 

      Alojamiento: Hasta 70 estudiantes; Todas las habitaciones disponen de baño privado, teléfono y son de 3 o 4 estudiantes.

      Precio: 7900 CHF (franco suizo)


MOO CAMP: Edades: 10 to 12

      Alojamiento hasta 24 estudiantes; Dormitorios de 9 a 12 estudiantes.

      Precio: 6900 CHF (franco suizo)


* Los precios están en la divisa del franco suizo (CHF)

OAK International es una organizacion catolica con mas de 40 años de experiencia que ofrece formacion integral para tus hijos en sus centros educativos de Estados Unidos, Irlanda y Suiza.


Los campamentos de verano OAK están diseñador de manera equilibrada combinando idiomas, cultura, deporte y actividades ludicas en un ambiente sano y seguro para tus hijos



Two options: Moo Camp or Swiss Camp

During their stay at Swiss or Moo Camp, the girls get the chance to practice French, if they wish, although the official language during the camp is English, sports and artistic activities, while at the same time visiting Switzerland and Paris.


This 4-weeks experience leads the girls to making new friends from all over the world and being in contact with different cultures.




This program offers the campers the possibility to learn French or English.

The main goal for this program is to give the campers the opportunity to interact with all the campers.

The language that will be used among the campers is English/French. The campers will be encouraged to speak it at all times.




Le Châtelard Academy was built as an elegant hotel for the European nobility. It has conserved its Belle Époque style. Surrounded by a beautiful park of 4 hectares, the building is in a valley, between the mountains and the lake, at an altitude of 1000 meters.


The centre was equipped with modern facilities in 1992. The Junior High School dormitories accommodate 8 to 12 students, while the High School bedrooms lodge 3 to 4 students. There are living rooms, a cafeteria, a games room, dining rooms, a theatre and a chapel. Students are also provided with well-lit classrooms, a library, a computer room and new study hall. There are also painting and ceramics workshops, laboratories for language learning and photography together with a newly opened Cordon Bleu classroom.


Le Châtelard is also furnished with an aerobics gym, fitness centre and gymnasium. The school has three tennis courts and a basketball court. Other sports facilities outside the school are available to our students.



When campers are not feeling well, they are welcome to visit the Academy’s Health Care Department and they will be looked after.

The Academy’s doctor visits the Moo Camp on a frequent basis to see any campers who are sick. All medical records are kept in a secure file. All visits to the doctor will be charged to the camper’s personal account.

If the camper gets sick while the doctor is not in the Camp, she will be brought to a treatment centre, if necessary. If an accident occurs, the Health Care Department will be notified and will determine whether a doctor should be contacted.


We seriously recommend that the girls DON’T BRING CREDIT CARDS.



The Swiss Camp staff considers it essential that all the campers keep in regular contact with their families. Therefore, the following system has been designed to keep the students in touch with their families:


Phone calls

Campers will be able to receive phone calls from their parents on Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6:45pm to 7:45pm (Swiss time) and on Sundays from 8pm to 9:45pm
Each camper shares a room with two other campers and their direct line to their room will be communicated to her parents by email when she arrives at Le Châtelard.

Campers may rent a mobile phone. This has an extra cost of 80 Swiss francs per month in addition to the price of the phone calls, to be taken from the camper’s personal account. Parents will also be able to call their daughter through the main number of the Academy, on the following dates: the camper’s birthday, her mother’s and father’s birthdays.


Emails and intenet

Campers will have access to their own email account while they are here. Wireless internet will be available within the Academy during the free time that campers have in the afternoons for those campers who have a laptop/iphone/ipad. But not during the day or night.

Campers will also be able to use the internet and check their email in the Academy’s computer lab. The email room will be opened during their free time for the campers to access. When campers are not busy in an activity, they may choose this time to check their emails. They will not be assigned a specific day and time for email communication. It will be the camper’s responsibility to receive and respond to their own personal email during the allotted time provided.



Weekly courses and lessons

French or English (one language must be chosen): 18 hours

Le Cordon Bleu cooking: 10 hours

Leadership skills: 5 hours

Etiquette/Savoir-Vivre: 11 hours



Paddle board Swimming Photo
Sailing Zumba Flower arrangement
Alpinism Tennis Pottery
Hip hop Soccer Woodcraft
Kickboxing Basketball Painting
Makeup Arts and crafts  


In Switzerland: Bern, Vevey, Gruyères, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva

In France: Yvoire, Paris, Eurodisney. In Italy : Milan

Special outings: Ballenberg, Parc Aventure



Italy - Milan (2 days)

France - Paris and Disney (4 days)



Weekly lessons

French or English (one language must be chosen): 22 hours

Le Cordon Bleu cooking: 6 hours

Leadership skills: 5 hours

Etiquette/Savoir-Vivre: 11 hours



Sailing Tennis Makeup
Alpinism Zumba Pottery
Soccer Kickboxing Painting
Basketball Hiphop Photo



In Switzerland: Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Gruyères

In France: Paris, Eurodisney, Yvoire

Special outings: Aquaparc, Parc Aventure



Paris and Disney (4 days)



Actividades en el Campamento Culturales, Deportivas, Recreativas
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